A Tale of Scents & Smiles.

I'm sure you've all read about my shop's origins. Our bright-eyed, bushy-tailed little girl, named Aliyah, passed away from undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes in 2013 and left a gaping hole in our lives. 

When you have such an unfathomable tragedy happen to you, you, at first, don't know where you are, or who you are, or how you got anywhere. There's an instant, lasting, pea-soup-like fog, and you have to figure out how to navigate through it. Commercials on television, people standing in line at the store, movies and television--pretty much everything in life seems superficial and blurry. You're flabbergasted as to why people can care about anything. Everything is blurry. Your memory laughs at you for trying to remember where you parked your car or put your keys or how to speak to others or socialize; when you have the Fog looming above you, it takes over your entire existence.

But eventually, there comes a time when the real world begins to seep back into your consciousness; you realize that you may have some idea about how you were living life before, and how to do things in everyday life again. And you also realize that things are very, very different in more ways that you know.

My daughter inspired me to find a way to cope. I have read about Type 1 ad nauseum; every specialist and researcher has their own theory. They only really agree on one thing: that T1 isn't necessarily hereditary, and that you don't "cause" it--it's an autoimmune disease. But I stopped one day and looked at all of the synthetics we ingest on a daily basis, and I wondered, as many parents do (and especially parents whose children died), did I feed her something or put something on her body to cause her harm? Am I going to cause people I love that same fate by not voicing my very real, scientifically supported concerns? How can I help? *Can* I help?

People recommend conventional therapy; I simply remember her laughing and her sparkle, and I knew she'd love a naturally glittery bath bomb, or a purple flowered, lavender-scented relaxation oil. My blending makes the world disappear in a positive way, and brings my little girl into my heart. The act of making things for people that will bring them out of their darkness is my way of showing her love for living beings. She cared for people and was a bright light; I seek to bring that light to everyone, and especially to those who are suffering, stressed, or just need a smile.

Aliyah's legacy is Aliyah's Essentials. 

Thank you for reading. <3

My daughter Aliyah, in a long greenhouse, smelling some beautiful pink flowers.

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